Family Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys

Fishing is a fun activity for people of all ages. Anyone from a toddler to a retiree can do it. It is a lot of fun because it requires patience, precision, and the thrill of not knowing how big your fish may be. There is plenty of fish in the Florida Keys that one can fish for such as trout, tarpon, and bonefish. Fishing as a family is a great way to enjoy the Florida weather and bond over one of the most popular recreational activities around.

Our fishing charters tour the greater Key Largo, FL area and vary in length and price. You can choose from half-day, ¾-day, and full-day trips. A half-day trip lasts approximately 4 hours, a ¾ day trip lasts 6 hours, and a full-day lasts 8 hours. Be sure to consider which type of trip you would like to take, being on a boat for an extended period is not the easiest for all people.

Why Fish With Our Charters

  • Fish Variety: Florida offers a diverse ecosystem with about 600 species of fish in the Florida Keys. You can go for small sport fish such as trout or larger fish like grouper, snapper, and tarpon.
  • All Inclusive: You do not have to bring fishing tackle, poles, life vests, or buy fishing permits. We include all these things in the price of your fishing charter. All you must do is show up and enjoy the trip!
  • Fun: Our crew does everything they can to ensure a fun and memorable trip for you. We will try fishing at multiple spots around Key Largo and the surrounding areas, talk with you, make jokes, and just do everything we can to have a good time.
  • Anyone Can Go: Our family fishing trips are great for everyone in the family from young children to grandma and grandpa. We work diligently to ensure the safety of all passengers while also making sure that everyone has fun.

We serve those across Islamorada, Key Largo & the Florida Keys area. Call 305-290-2206 today.

Contact Us Today to Book Your Trip!

At Zoned In Charters, we strive to provide fun and memorable fishing trips for people of all ages. Our family fishing charters allow you and your loved ones to enjoy the thrills of fishing in the Florida Keys together. We have an abundance of species in the area that allows people of all ages and physical abilities to enjoy a fishing trip. We provide all the gear and permits you may need for your trip. Our crew will do their best to ensure that you are enjoying the trip and will occasionally crack a joke or two. Contact us today to book your family fishing charter!